Garden Planner

Garden Planner 3.7

Design a garden, arrange plants and trees
Create designs and plans for a garden environment. Select an area or import a drawing of a specific territory, the arrange garden objects in it. Place specific plants and green zones, pick trees from the built-in library of models, add shrubs and buildings.

Garden Planner is intended for landscape design. The tool is very easy to use. Actually, most of the work is done by dragging objects into the canvas space. After that, it´s possible to use the objects’ handles to change their dimensions and shapes. Another way to modify the size of an object is to enter its exact measures; and, luckily, the tool supports both metric units and US feet and inches.

You can start by creating surfaces, such as paving, roofs, garden beds, paths, and pools. Then, you can add other objects, like plants, pieces of furniture and even cars. Fortunately, there’s a large collection of these objects to choose from. There’s even the possibility of creating a vegetable bed with various types of plants. Additionally, you can create a customized object library. However, the program doesn't support designing new objects, which is compensated by the possibility of importing external image files.

The resulting garden plan is colorful and can be printed. Besides, although it’s not exactly a technical drawing, the plan can be understood by an architect or any other professional without difficulty. But that´s not all, the program can generate a report of the objects in your project, which can be exported in various database formats. As the bottom line, Garden Planner isn’t a professional tool but it’s perfect for amateur designers and home users.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s very easy to use
  • It can generate a report of the objects
  • It can export plans as images
  • It has a large collection of objects
  • It allows importing image files
  • It uses two measurement systems


  • It doesn´t support creating new objects
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